Bijlsma Hercules - KV 270

Actual Price: $37,000 | (New Model Selling Price: $46,265

KV 270

No dust cones when filling with box fillers from Bijlsma Hercules

The unique construction of the latest generation of Bijlsma Hercules box fillers assures absolute dump-cone-free filling. This is essential for proper air permeability, and therefore for the effectiveness of the ventilation/cooling system.

Perfect filling of all box sizes

Application of vertical elevators with very product friendly finger-carrier construction make it possible to fill boxes of virtually any shape or size. Simply by adjusting the end switches, optimum filling of boxes of different heights or widths with minimum drop heights becomes possible. The filling cycle in the drawing shows how the product and the soil swept along can be distributed across the entire box, layer by layer.

Machine standard equipped with:

  • Simple to move with forklift truck by means of a forklift truck supply (pipes for forklift truck tubes)
  • Electrical connection for feed elevator TB model.
  • Drive system with grip rollers for a continue and smooth filling process.
  • Height control by means of a pulse counter.
  • Special product sensors for uncomplicated filling of the boxes
  • Flexible PVC finger cleat belts for a product friendly treatment.
  • Simple way of setting the box guidings.
  • Software for filling big-bags with standard control switches.
  • Frame of the box filler is standard equipped with adjustable legs, herewith also the machine can be used, with some supplements, for filling big bags.
  • BLS Line module system
Technical specifications Boxes- and jumbo-bagfillers KV 270-2×190 (S)

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